Ron Reremy for President

Pro means professional. In this post i already spoke about this 🙂 Professional is someone who does the thing for living, i.e. the car mechanic repair cars to feed his family. Not every professional performs perfectly, but i will use this word as i don’t know the right one for…

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Plug Weld Start the Roration

When we weld 2 pieces of sheet metal, one of them is perforated and we weld through the holes, we speak about plug welding. Here i will explain my logic about “how to do this properly”. Because one of my sheet metals (the body of the car) is not flat,…

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Rustproofing Receipt

The mystical recipe I found one very strange receipt for rustproofing in an bulgarian classic car forum. If you click the link, search for Отговор #363 (Answer #363). It sounds like a receipt for a magical shit, made by a wizard: an eye of a frog cat’s claw… Despite of…

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MIG-PAK 180 Settings

Sheet Metal I bought 16 ft2 from here. The guy i was in communication with was very king. He defined himself as Human Forklift (formerly known as “Sales”) in his email signature 🙂 He offered me to cut it to 2 pieces of 8 ft2 to decrease (~ the half) the price of…

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Patch 1 Shaping

I start with the disclaimer “this is a joke”. I am not good enough to give lessons 🙂 Let’s just get some fun. At the end of the production, they made some modifications for 1.1 and produced the same body for 601. Everybody knew that The end is near, it’s…

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Floor Inside

I almost prepared the floor from inside for primer/painting. The holes for rustproofing are visible on the next pictures (some are cut on the spots for patching). In general the floor is in very good condition. God bless our deeds.

EBZA Ignition Down

The EBZA ignition is using a Hall effect sensor. It is using magnets and it is contactless, therefore there is less wear. Today i remembered how to adjust the EBZA ignition timing. You need this tool: and two flat screwdrivers for the “blue” and the “red” screws: The steps to…

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Tatra 603 (1959)

Today the Montreal’s Trabant club had a meeting. Very nice and friendly people. My friend gave me his car to drive. I didn’t do this since 1999. TatraFour more “known” cars were missing – mine, 1.1 Universal and two 2-strokes. One of the owners owns Tatra 603 (1959) and we…

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I will use this folder to put all the documentation that i collected – operation manuals, repair manuals, electricity plans, etc. My naming convention is: {Book Title} ({Year}) ({Language}) The languages that i usually collect are German (they are the best in this), English and Bulgarian (my mother language).