Rocker Panel - Right Back.

Paint the Under-Body Today i painted the under-body with MetalForce Urethane paint and brush. I applied 2 coats. The paint dries fast, so until i finished the first coat, the part where i started was dry and i started the second coat immediately. What is Next Tomorrow i have to…

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Rocker Panel - Left Front.

Sealing Today i sealed the under-body. It looks little ugly, but for me in this case the important point is the quality. Materials Both sealants are Dominion Sure Seal. The black one is Adhesive Sealer. Code 9003. I used it for the smaller gaps. The grey one is Brush On…

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Under-Body Primed

Yesterday i sprayed the under-body with epoxy primer. I used 1 quart primer and 1 quart activator (1/2 gallon) for this. Maybe it’s too much, but this is my first time to spray. Today my wife shot a few pictures. She must be thinking that my head is tilted 45…

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