Meeting in Montreal on 2021-07-21

A few Trabant owners met in Montreal on 2021-07-21. It was very nice and i am waiting for the next one. I will be without my Trabant, but it’s still fun. God bless our deeds.

Eastern European Monkey

A Soviet watch + Bulgarian knife + east German car = Eastern European Monkey!

Tatra 603 (1959)

The Meeting Today the Montreal’s Trabant club had a meeting. Very nice and friendly people. My friend gave me his car to drive. I didn’t do this since 1999. Four more “known” cars were missing – mine, 1.1 Universal and other two 2-strokes. One of the Trabant owners also owns…

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I will use this folder to put all the documentation that i collected – operation manuals, repair manuals, electricity plans, etc. My naming convention is: <Book Title> (<Year>) (<Language>) The languages that i usually collect are German, English and Bulgarian (my mother language).

Me echo “Hello World”; As you can see from my personal blog/website or whatever it is, i am a database developer/architect/conceptionalist or whatever it is. This doesn’t disturb me to love the East German legend. This is the last picture before the big meeting of my hand tools and the…

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Today the cars arrived in Montreal. We had three Trabants in one container – mine and two other 1.1. The supporting planks were nailed to the floor, which is made of very hard material. We sweated until we released them, but after one hour and 10 minutes they all were…

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