Right Rocker Panel - Back

The back of the rocker panel. I’ll drill a hole Ø22 mm, clean the welding with the grinder, prime and isolate with polyurethane. I still don’t know if i will leave these holes for drainage. This welding tells me that my hands shake (open another beer to fix this) or…

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Rustproofing Receipt

The mystical recipe I found one very strange receipt for rustproofing in an bulgarian classic car forum. If you click the link, search for Отговор #363 (Answer #363). It sounds like a receipt for a magical shit, made by a wizard: an eye of a frog cat’s claw… Despite of…

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Floor Inside

I almost prepared the floor from inside for primer/painting. The holes for rustproofing are visible on the next pictures (some are cut on the spots for patching). In general the floor is in very good condition. God bless our deeds.