Paint Stripping, Painting, Welding

Paint Stripping, Painting, Welding

I said “welding is over”, but i remembered that there are 3 more points:

  • The skeleton of the hood
  • The right door
  • The reinforcement

I started the preparation of the under-body. Strip to bare metal will be followed by zinc primer and urethane paint.

I started removing the top layer with a heat gun, then this:$Product=GenuinePartsCompany/479084

, but the paint stripper didn’t go well.

  • It didn’t spray properly. It blocks the output and goes out like a foam
  • It didn’t strip the primer

Then i replaced the heat gun with a self made chisel from a leaf of an electric saw and continued the scratching by hand.

Then i replaced the metal brush (on grinder) with a poly strip disk:

This thing works very well.

Left: stripped to the primer
Right: stripped to bare metal with the poly strip disk
Stripped to the original primer

I have a doubt that the original primer and the asphalt paint are better than the ones i will use.

The hood stand will be grinded and additionally welded if needed.

The right side of the hood skeleton is rotten. I have no idea from where the water came in.

I bought some stuff from Eastwood.COM:

Internal Frame Coating

Rust Converter

Pre Painting Prep

I used the pre paint cleaner and Internal Frame Coating to rustproof the cavities of the roof and the columns.

Then i used the zinc primer and the urethane paint.

Internal Frame Coating is very liquid. I guess, because it has to cover as maximum surface as it can.

Internal Frame Coating

Next is the welding of the 3 points, mentioned in the beginning.

Слава Иисусу Христу.

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