Paint Stripping, Painting, Welding

Paint Stripping, Painting, Welding

I said “welding is over”, but i remembered that there are 3 more points:

  • The skeleton of the hood
  • The right door
  • The reinforcement

Paint Stripping

I started the preparation of the under-body. Strip to bare metal will be followed by zinc primer and urethane paint.

I started removing the top layer with a heat gun, then this:

Paint Stripper

, but the paint stripper didn’t go well.

  • It didn’t spray properly. It blocks the output and goes out like a foam
  • It didn’t strip the primer

Then i replaced the heat gun with a self made chisel from a leaf of an electric saw and continued the scratching by hand.

Then i replaced the metal brush (on grinder) with a poly strip disk:

This thing works very well.

Left: stripped to the primer
Right: stripped to bare metal with the poly strip disk

I have a doubt that the original primer and the asphalt paint are better than the ones i will use.

Stripped to the original primer

Weld the Skeleton of the Hood

The hood stand will be grinded and additionally welded if needed.

The right side of the hood skeleton is rotten. I have no idea from where the water came in.

Paint the “Under the Roof Lane”

I bought some stuff from Eastwood.COM:

Internal Frame Coating

Rust Converter

Pre Painting Prep

I used the pre paint cleaner and Internal Frame Coating to rustproof the cavities of the roof and the columns.

Then i used the zinc primer and the urethane paint.

Internal Frame Coating is very liquid. I guess, because it has to cover as maximum surface as it can.

Internal Frame Coating

Next is the welding of the 3 points, mentioned in the beginning.

Слава Иисусу Христу.

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