Front Crossmember Arch

Rocker Panel Inside I welded the inner side of the rocker panel. It doesn’t look good, but i hope it is strong. The trick is: Before welding, expand the wire from the handle ~ 15 mm. Put the long wire in the hole and start from the center. This way…

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Patch 1 Shaping

I start with the disclaimer “this is a joke”. I am not good enough to give lessons 🙂 Let’s just get some fun. At the end of the production, they made some modifications for 1.1 and produced the same body for 601. Everybody knew that The end is near, it’s…

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Left side, close to the back wheel

Cardboard Patches I am using some random pieces of a cardboard to define the body patches. Sheet Metal Patches The first two small patches are cut. They just need to be formed with the grinder and they are ready to weld. What is Next I still don’t have a MIG…

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