MIG-PAK 180 Settings

Sheet Metal I bought 16 ft2 from here. The guy i was in communication with was very king. He defined himself as Human Forklift (formerly known as “Sales”) in his email signature 🙂 He offered me to cut it to 2 pieces of 8 ft2 to decrease (~ the half) the price of…

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Before the Left Back Wheel

Did i say “not very good”? This is actually ugly, disappointing and a shame to show! But… c’est la vie – we can not be perfect in every way. And i knew: the first try should be on separate sheet metal until i get something acceptable, but i started directly…

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Left side, close to the back wheel

I am using some random pieces of a cardboard to define the body patches. The first two small patches are cut. They just need to be formed with the grinder and they are ready to weld. I still don’t have a MIG welder, so for now i only play with…

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