Air Compressor

The new tools I added to the tools arsenal: 30-gal air compressor HVLP paint gun 50 ft air hoses – 1/4 in (yellow) and 3/8 in (orange) Two more guns are visible on the image above – the rustproof (i made a mistake that i bought it from Europe. The…

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The front speakers are almost finished. They look almost good and sound almost good. Actually… what do i expect? This is a Trabant!

How it Works Today the car audio arrived. I bought it two weeks ago on eBay for 35 USD + almost 30 USD for shipping. It is brand new and works perfectly: Technical Data Specifications: Features: Now i need to get the puzzle together.

Cassette Tape Player My 2-stroke Trabant is in a container together with two other 1.1s. While i am waiting the arrive in Montreal i bought a vintage stereo: Speakers Cones Until then i decided to start building the front speakers. I bought these old BMW speakers from a local flea…

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