The New Kids in the Block

The New Kids in the Block

The new tools

I added to the tools arsenal:

  • 30-gal air compressor
  • HVLP paint gun
  • 50 ft air hoses – 1/4 in (yellow) and 3/8 in (orange)

Two more guns are visible on the image above – the rustproof (i made a mistake that i bought it from Europe. The standards for the inlet and the bottle are different. I changed the inlet and now i need to think for an adapter for the bottle. Most likely this will be a custom fiberglass one) and the sandblasting ones.

Blasting media – crushed glass 12/50.
6 inch dual action air sander


While i am waiting for the winter to go, i started to prepare the panels for paint. This is just the first step. The finishing will be after all is assembled.

Cardboards work

The current situation with the cardboards is shown here.

I decided to fasten the duroplast with sheet metal and bolts.

Between the duroplast and the sheet metal i will glue duct tape to avoid the spill of the fiberglass resin.

The steps to fix this will be:

  • Mix fiberglass resin and fiberglass mat and put it in the crack + a little outside the crack
  • Remove the fasteners
  • Apply one more layer (thick) and cover 1 1/2 in on each side of the crack

I’ll repeat the same procedure on the front right quarter panel and on the other panels where needed.

Welded Nuts

I welded M5 nuts for the front speakers.

The M5 nuts for the front speakers – inside.

I also welded M5 nuts on the door handles.

Holes for the back registration plate

Back registration plane holes

The bulgarian registration plate doesn’t match the DDR one (i will keep the original holes) – it is wider, so 2 more additional holes (the blue circles) were drilled to attach the bulgarian registration plate.

In addition you can see the brutality of the bulgarian, i.e. EU laws – one more hole (the red circle) to fix the registration plate to the car. This is something like an anti-theft measure.

I will weld them.

Glory to You, God, glory to you.

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