I started to prepare the cardboard parts for a restoration with fiberglass and epoxy resin. Almost all of them were hit and glued somehow.

You can find documents about the duroplast reparation in this folder (Instandsetzungstechnologie Duroplast (1985) (DE).pdf).

This is the front left quarter panel.

I need to cut all this old glue, position the duroplast flat and fill with fiberglass and epoxy.

The right quarter panel was also treated with body filler.

This piece was glued awry and accepted the wrong form during the time. I opened it and will fill with fiberglass and epoxy.

Same thing here.

It is normal to cut the rivet hole while disassembling.

There was a small crack on the right quarter panel’s arch. As explained in the Repair Manual (page 71), i drilled a hole in the end of the crack. Will be filled with fiberglass and epoxy.

There was some creativity at the back right side of the car. The metal is bent a little too. Nothing big and scary.

No idea what happened here, but it was not me: i see some body filler.

The not original screw holes (and body filler) at the back right side.

A little crack next to the handle of the right door. Don’t forget the hole at the end of the crack. It prevents from future extension of the crack.

I bought a new “IFA Trabant”. I will see if i can fix the old “601 S” with some “Black Back” solution finish.

The back door was also hit. 🙂

The threads were destroyed and the stand for the hinge welded. I think i will just polish and finish the “original” welding.

There is a little rust on the back door. I will clean, paint and rustproof it.

I am not moving forward with the pace that i like, but… c’est la vie! There are other unexpected and more important expenses right now, so the little cardboard will wait a little bit more.

In the Glory of God everything is good.

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