Adjust Timing

Adjust Timing

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The Tools

The EBZA ignition is using a Hall effect sensor. It is using magnets and it is contactless, therefore there is less wear. Today i remembered how to adjust the EBZA ignition timing. You need this tool:

and two flat screwdrivers for the “blue” and the “red” screws:

Adjust the Timing

The steps are:

  1. Adjust the blue screws – equalize the spark before the top dead center (TDC) for the both cylinders
  2. Adjust the red screws – move up/down to the TDC for both cylinders


The bottom blue screw is just a pivot, so just loosen it. The top blue screw is to adjust the position of the electronic plate. Unscrew it and move the plate left/right until both cylinders have the same value (the millimeters before the top dead center (TDC)) when the spark lights.

Step 1: By using the blue screws, move the plate left/right until you get the save values in mm before the TDC for the both cylinders

Step2: Use the red screws until you reach 2 or 3 mm (i prefer 2 mm to increase the life of the engine) before the TDC.

God bless our deeds.

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