I am waiting for a warm weather to continue with: Spray 2K Epoxy Primer Fix the duroplast panels with Bondo Fiberglass Resin Repair Kit Glue the duroplast panels to the body with Sikafles-221 Prime and paint the body with Gletscherblau I bought 2 quarts 2K Eposy Primer and 2 quarts…

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Spare keys and windshield wiper

Today the second part of my first TrabantWelt.DE order arrived. I posted it on 2020-10-16 and the first 6 parts (the big ones – rocker panels, door rocker panels, front panel between the grid and the bumper and the air cooling turbine) were here on 2020-12-10. Not everything is 30…

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Spare rocker panels

Left Rocker Panel Today i did few more cuts on the side of the left rocker panel. New Parts My first order from TrabantWelt.DE arrived partially. It has 67 lines and 6 lines are already here. I also bought 4 ft x 4 ft sheet steel, 18 gauge. The next…

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