Epoxy Primer, Polyurethane Sealer, TrabantWelt Order

Epoxy Primer, Polyurethane Sealer, TrabantWelt Order

I am waiting for a warm weather to continue with:

  • Spray 2K Epoxy Primer
  • Fix the duroplast panels with Bondo Fiberglass Resin Repair Kit
  • Glue the duroplast panels to the body with Sikafles-221
  • Prime and paint the body with Gletscherblau

I bought 2 quarts 2K Eposy Primer and 2 quarts Activator. 1 gallon should be enough for the entire car (under-body, the floor, the engine compartment, inside, outside)

I never sprayed paint before. So i’ll repeat what i did with the welding – i’ll learn while i paint my car 🙂 I’ll start priming the under-body, the floor and the engine compartment. Until i reach the point to spray the Gletcherblau i’ll be an expert. I have already watched 78 videos on YouTube “How to paint your car by yourself in your full-with-dust garage in 17 minutes” 🙂

The man in the paint shop gave ma a Valspar catalog to choose the Gletscherblau color. I wrote down these 5 color codes:

  • S3102
  • S3104
  • S3201
  • S3203
  • S3204

Now i need to chose the one that matches exactly the Gletscherblau.

My last order from TrabantWelt.DE was the last one, but i checked the shocks and realized that they are not good to be installed back. So i ordered few more things and this is my last order. I will be like the band The Cure – since 1994 every album is the last one 🙂

The mounts for the back shelf will be primed, painted and rustproofed inside (already cleaned). I will try to find an original shelf, but i know they are already very rare. If i can’t, i’ll do it myself.

Some people in the German facebook groups say that they are not happy with TrabantWelt. I ordered almost everything from them and i am very satisfied.

The majority of the people in the german Trabant groups suggest Sikafles-221 for gluing the duroplast panels. TrabantWelt sell another sealer and they say that 4 packs of 310 ml (1,240 ml) is enough for 4 quarter panels and 2 doors. I bought 7 packs of 300 ml (2,100 ml) and i think this will be enough for 4 quarter panels, 2 doors and the roof.

God, help all the people.

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