I continue with paint stripping of the metal part of the body. The under-body i stripped to bare metal, but then i realize that i am stupid – the original primer is very good. This is why i strip the rest to primer. Paint Stripping Under the dashboard i will…

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Left Above the Windshield

The Roof I finished the welding. The last area was the roof, i.e. under the roof. As it was originally lap welded, i decided that this is a nest of rust and i cut it all. This is what i did instead: The right side above the windshield was good…

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Front Crossmember Arch

Rocker Panel Inside I welded the inner side of the rocker panel. It doesn’t look good, but i hope it is strong. The trick is: Before welding, expand the wire from the handle ~ 15 mm. Put the long wire in the hole and start from the center. This way…

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Rocker Panels

Before welding any cavities, they need to be rust-proofed. I use a zinc primer. It can be welded. After that i will paint with an urethane paint. While uploading the images to the last 2 posts, i was looking at the background and i felt like an investigative dog 🙂…

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Front Shock Top - Left

It’s getting better all the time …my welding. Slowly, but constantly. I own another issue: “measure twice (even better 3 times), cut once”. My friend who jokes all the time says “i already cut it 3 times and it’s short again” 🙂 Floor (Vertical) Left Side I flipped the car…

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Before the Left Back Wheel

Did i say “not very good”? This is actually ugly, disappointing and a shame to show! But… c’est la vie – we can not be perfect in every way. And i knew: the first try should be on separate sheet metal until i get something acceptable, but i started directly…

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Floor Inside

I almost prepared the floor from inside for primer/painting. The holes for rustproofing are visible on the next pictures (some were cut on the spots for patching). Front Side Middle Side Back Side More info about these holes in Butt Welding Lesson. In general the floor is in very good…

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Front Right Quarter Panel Outside

I started to prepare the cardboard parts for a restoration with fiberglass and epoxy resin. Almost all of them were hit and glued somehow. You can find documents about the duroplast reparation in this folder (Instandsetzungstechnologie Duroplast (1985) (DE).pdf). Left Side I need to cut all this old glue, reposition…

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Left side, close to the back wheel

Cardboard Patches I am using some random pieces of a cardboard to define the body patches. Sheet Metal Patches The first two small patches are cut. They just need to be formed with the grinder and they are ready to weld. What is Next I still don’t have a MIG…

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Left shock dome, bottom

The Right Side Today i made the final cuts on the right side. Shock Absorbers What is Next Next i need to buy a MIG welder and let the fun start. God bless our deeds.