Floor Inside (the rustproofing points)

Floor Inside (the rustproofing points)

I almost prepared the floor from inside for primer/painting. The holes for rustproofing are visible on the next pictures (some are cut on the spots for patching).

Exactly under the gas pedal there is a little hole, covered with a little plate (point welding).
There are 11 holes for rustproofing of the front cross member.
The big hole is for the cross member, the small one is for the rocker panel. The same holes on the other side are cut.
This is for the new 1.1 gas tank.
The big hole almost in the middle of the trunk is for the trunk of 1.1 i think.
These 2 holes (on the back panel) have their mission, but it is unknown for me.

In general the floor is in very good condition.

God bless our deeds.

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