Harmonic Puller.

When I woke up this morning I felt a pang. Not true. This is just a Primus song (see the end of the post). When i woke up this morning i looked outside and there was snow. A wet and heavy snow that bent the branches of the trees. The…

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Personal Protection

Personal Protection Every time when i hear “for your security”, something turns in me, because i know that the last thing behind this is the security and the goal is to change the people’s minds and make them cowardly and submissive. But… today i bought an expensive 3M respirator: I…

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Air Compressor

The new tools I added to the tools arsenal: 30-gal air compressor HVLP paint gun 50 ft air hoses – 1/4 in (yellow) and 3/8 in (orange) Two more guns are visible on the image above – the rustproof (i made a mistake that i bought it from Europe. The…

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