Personal Protection Equipment

Personal Protection Equipment

Personal Protection

Every time when i hear “for your security”, something turns in me, because i know that the last thing behind this is the security and the goal is to change the people’s minds and make them cowardly and submissive.

But… today i bought an expensive 3M respirator:

I worked with a cheap one before, but after i spat out a black shit few times i decided that i don’t have spare lungs and the last thing i have to joke with is a respirator.

Swimming goggles is the next cool thing. They isolate the eyes very well and the dust can’t go in. They are little dark, but i think i can find transparent ones.

What is Next

  • I will finish the pre-paint preparation of the under-body and the inner side of the wheel arches
  • I gave my suspension parts for sandblasting and i will check around April 5th what is going on there
  • I am waiting for warmer days and sometimes between April 10th and 15th i will work on the under-body:
    – Spray primer
    – Paint it with brush with urethane paint
    – Isolate with seam sealer
  • I will prepare all the parts from the engine compartment (air filter box, engine box, air condition splitter, etc.) for priming/painting in black

God, save all the people.

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