Rocker Panels

Before welding any cavities, they need to be rust-proofed. I use a zinc primer. It can be welded. After that i will paint with an urethane paint. While uploading the images to the last 2 posts, i was looking at the background and i felt like an investigative dog 🙂…

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Zinc Primer

I bought zinc primer and paint for the underside of the floor. I need to prime and paint all the cavities (inside and outside) that i am welding now – the rocker panels. I hope that these are good quality paints, because of the crude climate in Quebec. Слава Иисусу…

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Tatra 603 (1959)

The Meeting Today the Montreal’s Trabant club had a meeting. Very nice and friendly people. My friend gave me his car to drive. I didn’t do this since 1999. Four more “known” cars were missing – mine, 1.1 Universal and other two 2-strokes. One of the Trabant owners also owns…

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