Trabant Gletscherblau = VW Beetle 1974 Olympic Blue (or Marina Blue or between these two colors)

Trabant Gletscherblau = VW Beetle 1974 Olympic Blue (or Marina Blue or between these two colors)

The Meeting

Today the Montreal’s Trabant club had a meeting.

Very nice and friendly people. My friend gave me his car to drive. I didn’t do this since 1999.

Four more “known” cars were missing – mine, 1.1 Universal and other two 2-strokes. One of the Trabant owners also owns Tatra 603 (1959) and we had the pleasure to see it. This car was owned only by top members of the communist party in Czechoslovakia.

Tatra 603 (1959)

They called back these cars and changed everything, except the chassis, the exhaust system and the engine. This tells me that the number of these cars was very low and they were owned only by “VIP”s ( whatever this means). In my opinion this can has the same luxury as the soviet Volga (GAZ 21, 24).

Gletscherblau Analog

One of the members of the Trabant club gave me a very useful hint about the color that i want – gletscherblau.

Gletscherblau is absolutely the same as VW Beetle 1974 Olympic Blue.

If i can’t buy paint from Germany (TrabantWelt.DE or LackPoint.DE), i will ask the paint shop to mix the gletscherblau formula, that i found here

Color Code:1638
Template #:26857
Color System:2K Car Paint
Formula Date:09.08.90
VOC g/l:493.19
VOC USLb/Gal:223.90826
Amount:1.0 liter
MixMixed Paint DesignationAmount (g)Accumulation (g)
2K551Blue Toner71.01139.5
2K550Purple Toner9.51149.0
2K527Brilliant Yellow15.41164.4

Other references that i know:

  • Mipa 1638 (exact match)
  • Glasurit TR 501 (exact match)
  • Mercedes/Daimler Benz 914 (5914) Beryllblau
  • RAL for this color doesn’t exist. RAL 5024 is close, but not exact)

If this doesn’t work, i will search for Olympic Blue or Marina Blue by VW. This should be fine.

Olympic Blue
Marina Blue

God bless our deeds.

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