The Butcher Came Today

The Butcher Came Today

…and cut the body.

The Left Rocker Panel

There was a hit on the left side and it is visible where the hammer shaped the metal. Parts 1, 2 and 3 are ordered and will be replaced.

The green screwdriver was bought in Bulgaria in the mid 90s and has always been my chisel.

The left part of the cross beam (antler) was hit and rotten. I will cut ~30 cm and rebuild it. I checked in TrabantWelt.DE (198 EUR) and Reich-Tuning (60 EUR) and sent a quote to Reich-Tuning and Danzer Autoteile with the question “Can you ship to Canada?”. They didn’t answer and i sent quotes with the same question to two or three eBay sellers. The answers i received were “No” and “Should i take your question seriously?”. You can find my list of online shops here.

The rocker panels will be replaced.

The Face

I have to invent a logic how to keep the position of the shock absorber domes while i replace them.

What is Next

  • Get rid of the doors, leaned on the wall and other things to free more space in the garage
  • Take off the gearbox, front and back suspension (to have only a fully naked body)
  • Turn the body on 180 degrees to repeat the same operation on the right side
  • Lift the body in 90 degrees to finish the cutting and welding on the left side (maybe i need to start with the shock absorber domes – top)
  • Lift the body in 90 degrees to finish the cutting and welding on the right side

I don’t know the next step. If i were a smart guy, i would play chess 🙂

Glorious is the name of God.

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