Right Rocker Panel - Front

The right rocker panel goes much better because: It was not so rusty and i didn’t cut a piece of the front crossbeam I am getting better and better every next day I used another type of wire (SuperArc L-56). Before i used Lincoln Electric S-6 MIG. (maybe) The future…

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Front Crossmember Arch

Rocker panel inside I welded the inner side of the rocker panel. It doesn’t look good, but i hope it is strong. The trick is: Before welding, expand the wire from the handle ~ 15 mm. Put the long wire in the hole and start from the center. This way…

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Front Crossbeam and Rocker Panel Connection

In the previous post i explained that welding on 3 B do not penetrate well and i switches to 4 C and the plug weldings are now OK. As i mentioned before, some of the weldings had no penetration. This is how i checked them. Nothing is lost. Grind the…

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Front Crossbeam - Missing Part Inside

I shaped the missing (cut by me) part of the front crossbeam. Now i will paint the cavities inside and i am ready to finish the welding on the bottom. God have Mercy.

Reinforcement Rocker Panels

I ordered a sheet metal puncher from AliExpress.COM. I like it, despite one little thing: a lot of force is needed to punch the rocker panels from TrabantWelt.DE. I hope that they are very strong and i am not too old and weak 🙂 The top rocker panel (the bottom…

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Spare rocker panels

Today i did few more cuts on the side of the left rocker panel. My first order from TrabantWelt.DE arrived partially. It has 67 lines and 6 lines are already here. I also bought 4 ft x 4 ft sheet steel, 18 gauge. The next material that i need for…

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Left side front

The rocker panels are cut. The final cut will remove all the point weldings and the rest of the rocker panels. In the meantime i disassembled the master brake cylinder (will replace all the sealings) and the starter (will paint the body and keep the brushes. A new set is…

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The face of the car is waiting for the replacement parts. The right rocker panel is cut. I will keep the cross beam on this side, so i cut only the rocker panel. Thank God for everything.