Weld the Right Rocker Panel (part 1)

Weld the Right Rocker Panel (part 1)

The right rocker panel goes much better because:

  • It was not so rusty and i didn’t cut a piece of the front crossbeam
  • I am getting better and better every next day
  • I used another type of wire (SuperArc L-56). Before i used Lincoln Electric S-6 MIG. (maybe)

The future 3 holes for plug welds are visible here.

Weld new metal to new metal is much easier.

There was a weak hit in the front left side of the car, so i welded the front light holder.

I could skip this, but i didn’t and added just a few spots.

Behind the left-front turning light the pieces were separated. I drilled 2 holes (almost not visible on this picture) for plug welds and connected the pieces.

Again… the old metal burnt while i touched it, so i switched to 2.8 A and built the little mountain of metal.

The 3 plug weldings are done.

I use a piece of flooring hardwood to tight the pieces together while welding.

It’s shape is perfect for this case.

Join the old and the new.

The back cylinder for the lift went pretty well.

The rocker panel inside. I add additional spots and it looks like i am paranoid. No, i’m not. I just don’t want to collect rocker panels on the highways 🙂

It is better to have more than less 🙂

Нека ми бъде според както си казал.

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