Right Quarter Panels.

In the last days i glued the quarter panels to the body. I glued the cardboards with fiberglass and clean them with Dremel and pink stone as much as possible, so there’s a minimum inner tension after the installation. The next step is to clean with dremel, add epoxy if…

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Back Suspension Arms While installing the back suspension arms, one of the threads (front left, where i cut the bolt while disassembling) had no force to support the click of the torque wrench (~112 Nm) and i had to reinforce all the 4 mounting points with spring washers and nuts.…

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Front Left Quarter Panel.

Today i seam sealed under the cardboards.

Back Left Cardboard.

Today i primed the body under the cardboards. I also primed the bumpers inside the bumper holders and the door hinges (only the side that touches the body). I welded 2 triangles to the apron under the bumper’s holders. The inner side of the bumpers will be black. The bottom…

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