Back Suspension Arms While installing the back suspension arms, one of the threads (front left, where i cut the bolt while disassembling) had no force to support the click of the torque wrench (~112 Nm) and i had to reinforce all the 4 mounting points with spring washers and nuts.…

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Right door

Site Reinforcement- Right Side I reinforced a little the doors and the back quarter panels with angle bar (1/8″ x 3/4″ x 48″). It’s mostly for a side hit. The needed lengths are: Door: 34″ Back quarter panel: 54″ The 48″ bar was not long enough for the quarter panels…

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Front Grill

I reached a “midpoint” when i cleaned the garage and turned the car on it’s side. I will finish all the weldings that point to the floor and then i will flip the cat on 180 degrees and will finish all the other weldings that point to the floor. Additional…

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