Additional Rocker Panels and Front Grill

Additional Rocker Panels and Front Grill

I reached a “midpoint” when i cleaned the garage and turned the car on it’s side. I will finish all the weldings that point to the floor and then i will flip the cat on 180 degrees and will finish all the other weldings that point to the floor.

Additional Rocker Panels

I added the additional “rally” rocker panels. In fact they are not needed, but all in this project is for fun. I have only one suspicion: how i will rustproof the front, where i overlap (the trapezoid). I think that i will spray a lot of hot used oil and i will tilt the car forward until it penetrates between the 2 flat pieces.

The left one went worse. It’s always like this: i make a mess while i learn.

Front Grill

“Боя” in Bulgarian means “paint’.

The alignment of the grill is perfect.

“Боя” in Bulgarian means “paint”

I added notes to prime and paint this 3-piece panel before weld it to the face of the car.

On my first attempt i cut 3 times and measured once. As you can see here, earlier i ordered these 3 parts and when i joined them, i failed. Then i ordered the same pieces again from TrabantWelt.DE. It is possible that they looked at my previous orders and found that i order the same parts again which means “he failed”. As they already know that i’m an idiot, they sent me the same parts, but better – with the semi-rings for the front lights and the “ears” with the nuts to join the grill.

Today i joined everything together, measured 3 times and cut once. The result is great. One more advantage is that i have the holes for the additional front lights. I was wondering where to drill them.

God have Mercy.

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