Steps to Get Pro

Steps to Get Pro

Pro means professional. In this post i already spoke about this 🙂

Professional is someone who does the thing for living, i.e. the car mechanic repair cars to feed his family. Not every professional performs perfectly, but i will use this word as i don’t know the right one for someone who is doing the things great.

Here is the result (i will expand this list) of my observations:

When working on the body. More precise when cut rusty pieces/parts and weld new ones:

  1. Before cutting a piece, take all the measures, related to the piece.
  2. Change the parts one by one – cut, prepare the new piece, weld.
  3. Take pictures from all the angles before cutting and keep all the cut pieces until the end of the project
  4. If you don’t hear the sound of fried bacon while welding, clean the surface with metal brush and acetone. The layer of oil isolates the electric circuit.
  5. There is almost no light behind the mask anyway so make sure that there is enough light and you see well while welding. A portable light with pinch is OK.

The reason for 1 and 2 is that if you cut all (and next weld all) the pieces/parts, the body gets “soft” and “elastic” and takes another shape.

3 is to have a reference and don’t wonder “how it was before i cut?”

Always when i make a mess i say “i learn”. It is already obvious that i will “learn” until i am alive 🙂

6. Never rustproof while working on the body. It is double work to clean after.

7. Don’t go to bare metal where not needed. Clean only the rusty spots to bare metal. The old primer is most likely better that the your new one.

Because this post will be my favorite, i add my favorite song in the same spirit:

God have Mercy.

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