Slowly Moving Forward

It looks like nothing happened in the last 3+ months, but it’s not true. I moved to another town and now i have a double garage only for myself. As the move takes some money, i didn’t buy as scheduled the MIG welder and other tools and materials that will move the reparation forward as quick as i wish.

The Front Side of the Car

I started to brush/sand the front leaf spring (coil springs on the back). I am curious if the sand blast will clear it as needed.

Sand blasting will be needed for the front suspension arms. I am still in progress of “Buy a sand blaster! It will be cheaper than paying for this operation. And you will use it for the entire car. And… if God gives you days, for the next cars” 🙂

The steering box is cleaned and greased. The muff and the ball joints are replaced. The steering rods will be painted.

Clean and Grease the Steering Box

The axles are ready. Cleaned, painted, greased. Muffs replaced.

The Electrical Parts

The alternator is cleaned, greased, bearings replaced. New brushes are bought, but not changed. The current ones are still good.

Alternator Done

The started is cleaned, painted and greased. The situation with the brushes is the same.

The Brakes

The master brake cylinder is cleaned, painted and all the sealants replaced. I broke the metal ring that holds the dust ring (inside of the car) and i bought a rubber one for Trabant 600. In my opinion it is better.

The Carburetor

All the gaskets and (almost all) the jets are replaced. I followed these videos.

Restore the carburetor (28H1-1)

The Back Side of the Car

I started to clean the back suspension arm. I will definitely need a sand blaster. The question is to buy one or to search for a professional. Every time when i say this stupid word, i remember of Ron Jeremy for president:

You’ll be f**ked anyway, might as well get f**ked by a professional!

I will post separately about the carburetor and the steering box in near future.

Christ is Risen!

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