Restore the carburetor (28H1-1)

Restore the carburetor (28H1-1)

I found 4 videos in a playlist about the 28H1-1 carburetor restoration:

I used the automatic subtitles and followed the videos. They did a perfect job for me. Thank you, Pappenreiter.

Тhe flange must be flat

I bought the 17 pieces set from TrabantWelt.DE and all the jets that i found. You will see in the video which more parts you have to buy.

Gaskets positions:

Jet sizes and positions:

There are tho things i can mention beside the videos:

  1. This is the profile of the throttle. Just pay attention when you put it back:

2. Screw #22 has to be not 1 round back, but 2.5 to 4 rounds.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.

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