Montreal, near the airport

One of the Montreal’s Trabants met the only Montreal’s Tatra for a short observation of the taking off planes near the Montreal’s airport. I came without my Trabant, because it has no ability to move at the current point 🙂 We meet, because a german man had a trip to…

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Meeting in Montreal on 2021-07-21

A few Trabant owners met in Montreal on 2021-07-21. It was very nice and i am waiting for the next one. I will be without my Trabant, but it’s still fun. God bless our deeds.

Tatra 603 (1959)

The Meeting Today the Montreal’s Trabant club had a meeting. Very nice and friendly people. My friend gave me his car to drive. I didn’t do this since 1999. Four more “known” cars were missing – mine, 1.1 Universal and other two 2-strokes. One of the Trabant owners also owns…

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