First (not very good) Weldings

First (not very good) Weldings

Did i say “not very good”? This is actually ugly, disappointing and a shame to show! But… c’est la vie – we can not be perfect in every way. And i knew: the first try should be on separate sheet metal until i get something acceptable, but i started directly on the body 🙂

MIG Welder

In the Glory of God, finally i bought the MIG welder. It is MIG-PAK® 180 by Lincoln Electric.

It needs 240 V so i bought an 8 gauge cable, 40 A double pole breaker and 3 prong outlet and added the 240 V outlet to the wall.

Next i bought an 80 CF gas bottle (75% argon, 25% CO2), i red the books and started the funny part.

My Weldings

The first 2 pictures are without gas – i didn’t install the gas hose properly 🙂

Close to back right wheel.
Close to front right wheel.

The next pictures are with gas, but still look awful.

Right middle cross member.
Under the right door.
Close to back left wheel.
The heap here is caused by adding metal to a hole that grows and grows…
• The Trabant steel is 1 mm, but the new sheet metal is 18 gauge (1.214 mm). I have to “push” the welding to the thicker metal.
• The old metal has to be cleaned very well, i.e. the cut should be far away from any rust – as more you weld a rusty metal, as more it burns through.

What is Next

I’ll continue to show my shame (my welding) 🙂 I hope that soon it will look good.

God bless our deed.

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