First (not very good) Weldings

First (not very good) Weldings

Did i say “not very good”? This is actually ugly, disappointing and a shame to show! But… c’est la vie – we can not be perfect in every way. And i knew: the first try should be on separate sheet metal until i get something acceptable, but i started directly on the body 🙂

In the Glory of God, finally i bought the MIG welder. It is MIG-PAK® 180 by Lincoln Electric.

It needs 240 V so i bought an 8 gauge cable, 40 A double pole breaker and 3 prong outlet and added the 240 V outlet to the wall.

Next i bought an 80 CF gas bottle (75% argon, 25% CO2), i red the books and started the funny part.

The first 2 pictures are without gas – i didn’t install the gas hose properly 🙂

The next pictures are with gas, but still look awful.

The heap here is caused by adding metal to a hole that grows and grows…
• The Trabant steel is 1 mm, but the new sheet metal is 18 gauge (1.214 mm). I have to “push” the welding to the thicker metal.
• The old metal has to be cleaned very well, i.e. the cut should be far away from any rust – as more you weld a rusty metal, as more it burns through.

I’ll continue to show my shame (my welding) 🙂 I hope that soon it will look good.

God bless our deed.

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