Under the Cardboards is Primed

Under the Cardboards is Primed

Today i primed the body under the cardboards. I also primed the bumpers inside the bumper holders and the door hinges (only the side that touches the body).

I welded 2 triangles to the apron under the bumper’s holders.

The inner side of the bumpers will be black.

The bottom of the door is the most important. It will be rustproofed too.

The part of the additional reinforcement bar where i can’t spray will be rustproofed too.

I primed under the hinges so i will attach the doors and will paint them in Gletscherblau as they are on the car.

And… over-spray everywhere. I continue to learn from my mistakes 🙂

Again: the painting is the most difficult, time and work consuming and tricky part of this project. This is why the painting is the most if i do this elsewhere.

God have mercy.

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