Weld the Left Rocker Panel (part 3)

Weld the Left Rocker Panel (part 3)
The back side of the rocker panel.

I’ll drill a hole Ø22 mm, clean the welding with the grinder, prime and isolate with polyurethane sealant.

I still don’t know if i will leave these holes for drainage.

This welding tells me that my hands shake (open another beer to fix this) or my eyes are too weak. Most likely the light around me is not sufficient while i work.

This blurry hedgehog will be isolated for sure.

This patch frustrated me most until now. The little piece is added, because the original metal was very thin and i burnt holes through it. The other thing is in section “i learn”. I had only spark, a big spark and a gas, but no sound of frying bacon. The resolution was: change the settings of the MIG welder to 2.8 A. After this all went perfectly (according to my skills).

The wheel arch has to be as close as possible to the quarter panel. The little hole will be filled.

The rustproofing preparation for the additional “rally” rocker panels is done in 50 %.

God bless our deeds.

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