Rustproofing Receipt

Rustproofing Receipt

The Mystical Recipe

I found one very strange receipt for rustproofing in an bulgarian classic car forum. If you click the link, search for Отговор #363 (Answer #363).

It sounds like a receipt for a magical shit, made by a wizard:

  • an eye of a frog
  • cat’s claw…

Despite of this i have a feeling that it is absolutely gorgeous.

I translated it with, because i don’t have the language skills to do this and i don’t know most of the components, even in bulgarian (my mother’s language).

I also add my 5 cents to the topic – my recipe for protecting cavities:
  • 1 liter of Protectol oil – because it contains a corrosion inhibitor and sticks permanently
  • 1 l Nigrol – when dry, leaves a protective lacquer layer
  • 1 liter of combustion gas – facilitates the penetration of the mixture into the joints
  • box GOI 54 – melt in advance and mix with the oil
  • ceresin, paraffin or wax – the more, the better
  • 1 liter of linen bezir – gives strength to the coating
  • urotropin – known as dry alcohol (but true) – corrosion inhibitor, as much as you want

The oils are heated, GOI 54 and wax are added, the combustion gas (flammable!) Is added and poured into the thresholds.

This amount is enough for Moskvich, for example.

My Notes

  • lenen bezir is linseed oil.
  • Moskvich (Moskvitch) is a classic soviet car.

If you find this receipt interesting (like i do), i will spend more time on the translation/unraveling 🙂

What i Think i Will Do

I will use a compressor with a rustproof gun and will apply two layers:

  1. First layer – used oil. It will crawl in all the cracks between the panels.
  2. Second layer (after a week) – a mix of melted used oil, grease, toilet wax, candles and whatever sticky shit i find. If i can reproduce the above receipt it will be perfect. This layer will seal the rustproof mix and will keep it on place for long time.

I think that checking the rustproof in the cavities once every 3 years is enough. If God gives me days, i will start checking once per year anyway until i know that once per 3 years is OK.

God bless our deeds.

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