Weld the Left Rocker Panel (part 2)

Weld the Left Rocker Panel (part 2)

Rocker Panel Inside

I welded the inner side of the rocker panel. It doesn’t look good, but i hope it is strong.

The trick is:

  1. Before welding, expand the wire from the handle ~ 15 mm.
  2. Put the long wire in the hole and start from the center. This way you add material to the bottom panel.
  3. Make a quick circle to fill the hole.

Front Crossbeam Outside

This is the nice surprise for today. I did it very well (as i can). I spent more time on shaping and fitting the arch than welding.

The welding is not finished. The weld on the arch edge will be grinded more and it will look very good.

Front Crossbeam Cavity

I added few spots inside. The strange shape of the patch is determined of a rust hole that i didn’t see before. I cut additionally and it is good that i cut a bigger metal piece for the arch.

I added this little piece of metal inside as it was originally. The new piece is ~ 3 mm thick.

Rocker Panel Cavity

The rocker panel looks OK inside. The sides are tightly joined and the paint is still there.

It will be rust-proofed additionally after the car is painted. The strangest rustproofing receipt that i found.

Front Crossbeam Inside

This little gap will be filled with additional piece of sheet metal

Next i will weld the pipe for the lift and the front and back sides of the rocker panel.

Today i measured 3 times and cut once.

Rocker Panel Drain Holes

I drilled the drain holes on 1/3 of the length of the rocker panel. This is ~ 42.5 cm from the end (the wheel arch).

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