Weld the Left Rocker Panel (part 1)

Weld the Left Rocker Panel (part 1)

Adjust the Welder

In the previous post i explained that welding on 3 B do not penetrate well and i switches to 4 C and the plug weldings are now OK.

4 C for plug weld.

Re-weld Failed Weldings

As i mentioned before, some of the weldings had no penetration. This is how i checked them.

Nothing is lost. Grind the false weldings, drill them with these tools (the yellow one first, next the mill). Then collect the shavings with a magnet, clean with rag, vacuum cleaner and acetone and re-weld.

Every time when i make a mistake, i repeat “it’s OK, i learn” to justify my incompetence. In any case i get better and better with every next mistake.

I am amazed by the result.

Tight the Sheet Metal While Welding

Clip the metal pieces tight while welding.

The Lift Pipe

Not very beautiful.
The back side should be OK.

The Welded Rocker Panel

And here is the outer side of the rocker panel from end to end.

The Missing Part of the Front Crossbeam

I burnt some holes here, because the original cross member has a rust relief like the Himalayan Mountains.

These were redone too.

There was a little gap here. My 3D thinking is far away from perfect.

But the other one is beautiful. When welding 2 pieces of good sheet metal, all is easy and beautiful.

Clean For Welding Through the Holes

I painted the inner side of the pieces that form the cavity with primer and paint. Then i was thinking “clean the black paint or not?”. Finally i decided to clean it through the holes with the Dremel. This is very smart or very stupid – i still don’t know.

What is Next

The inner side of the left rocker panel and the arch of the front crossbeam. I will give a try to 4 C with the provision to make “quick” spots to avoid burning holes.

God bless our deeds.

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