Sheet metal and welding thoughts

Sheet metal and welding thoughts

Sheet Metal

I bought 16 ft2 from here. The guy i was in communication with was very king. He defined himself as

Human Forklift (formerly known as “Sales”)

in his email signature 🙂 He offered me to cut it to 2 pieces of 8 ft2 to decrease (~ the half) the price of the shipping.

I paid (2020-12-14) 155 CAD for:

  • 16 ft2, 18 gauge sheet steel
  • cutting by 2 pieces (2 x 8 ft2)
  • shipping from Ottawa to Brossard, QC. It came the next day

If you know a better (cheaper) place where we can buy sheet metal, you can share it in the comments.

The piece i used.
The second piece, that i didn’t use.

I almost finished with the welding and i used ~ ¼th of these 16 ft2. It will take place in another project for sure. I will only apply a thin layer of used oil and it will wait.

Thoughts About the Welding

The dashboard

The settings are on the inner side of the door.

The Trabant’s sheet steel is 1 mm, this is ~20 gauge. I weld 18 gauge to the existing 20 gauge.

For 18 gaude, 0.025″ wire diameter and 75% argon, i set to 3 B. This is what i used until now. For butt weld it was OK, but when i plug weld the hole is filled and the metal pieces are not welded.

I switched to 4 C and voila! I will continue in the next post.

God have mercy.

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