Butt Welding Lesson

Butt Welding Lesson

I start with the disclaimer “this is a joke”. I am not good enough to give lessons 🙂 Let’s just get some fun.

At the end of the production, they made some modifications for 1.1 and produced the same body for 601. Everybody knew that The end is near, it’s crystal clear, part of the master plan. 🙂

As my Trabant is June 1990, there were holes in the trunk for the new 1.1 gas tank, located under the trunk.

Patch for the incoming hose

The first spot is a set of 3 holes for the incoming hose. You can see more on page 118 (F37) in the Ersatzteilkatalog (Spare Parts Catalog).

I cut a hole and a patch. As better they match (the smallest possible gap), as better the result will be.

Next is alignment with the magnets. I use a PC hard-disk magnets.

Next clean the surface around the future weldings and add some spots.

I burnt little holes where the old metal is thin.

And spotted all the patch.

It looks like there is a good penetration (this is the inner side of the car).

An overview of the exact place of the patch on the car.

  1. Patch for the incoming hose
  2. Patch for the fuel gauge transmitter
  3. Mounting points for the gas tank. I will leave them for future engineering on “how to put the spare tire under the trunk”

Patch for the fuel gauge transmitter

The second patch is almost in the middle of the trunk. It is for the fuel gauge transmitter. It was lap-welded on 2 spots. I decided to butt weld, because there’s no place for water collection (same for the first one).

Cut and match the original patch.

Clean and spot few points.

Spot (in my case spit) the entire patch.

What is Next

Next are the rocker panels.

God bless our deeds.

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