Few Cuts Ahead

Few Cuts Ahead

Left Rocker Panel

Today i did few more cuts on the side of the left rocker panel.

In front of the door.
This picture causes headache. The hole downwards is the front cross beam. I cut the right side, because it was hit and rotten. The steering stand is visible through the hole.
Cross member.
Under the door.
In front of the back wheel. The rocker panels were hit in the back sides and totally rotten. The cut portion of the floor too.
The bolt that i cut with a socket wrench is visible here. I plan to weld a long metal rot and turn to unscrew.

New Parts

My first order from TrabantWelt.DE arrived partially. It has 67 lines and 6 lines are already here.

5 lines of my TrabantWelt.DE order

I also bought 4 ft x 4 ft sheet steel, 18 gauge. The next material that i need for the duroplast panels is fiberglass resin repair kit.

The 6th line of the order. I slept when i ordered and i got the old model. I took the belt pulley and moved it to the original turbine. Now i need to order a new belt pulley and the hardware (and bearings) and i’ll have one spare turbine.

What is Next

The next step is to buy MIG welder. I look at Lincoln Electric MIG-PakĀ® 140 and the feedback is very positive, but the final decision is not made yet.

God bless our deeds.

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