Back Suspension Arms, Etch Primer, Harmonic Puller (Air Turbine Belt Pulley)

Back Suspension Arms, Etch Primer, Harmonic Puller (Air Turbine Belt Pulley)

When I woke up this morning I felt a pang. Not true. This is just a Primus song (see the end of the post). When i woke up this morning i looked outside and there was snow. A wet and heavy snow that bent the branches of the trees. The temperature today was around 0 ℃ and i decided not to paint.

Back Suspension Arms

The sandblasting opened a few holes on the back suspension arms. There were 3 holed on the right one and 1 hole on the left one. I welded them yesterday.

The back suspension arms will be rustproofed.

Suspension Parts Painted

Yesterday i painted the suspension parts in black. This is the first coat. There will be one more.


My friend gave me some paints and one of them was Etch Primer. I sprayed few parts of the suspension and then i couldn’t clean my hands. Ahaaa! This is the right primer!

Harmonic Puller

I bought this puller long ago, but today i was surprised how nice it works. I removed the air turbine belt pulley with it. First i drilled 3/16 holes, then i cut M6 thread (i am a metric person) and then i used the puller. It came out so easy.

I could not fins bolts M6 longer than 50 mm, so i welded 2 x 40 mm. Now i have 3 bolts M6 x 80 mm for the puller.

A note:

When installing the pulley back (the bearings too), it is OK to add a little grease to the contact surface. This will prevent from rust and will help for future dissembling.

Today i bought the front and the air turbine bearings and gave the parts to a guy with a press to:


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