Christ is Risen! There’s nothing more important than this! Today is the Orthodox Easter and we glorify the Resurrection of our God Jesus Christ. Christ is Risen!

When i started this project i was thinking that the welding will be most challenging, but this was not true. The painting is the hardest part of the project. Maybe because i have the the mechanic background the welding was a real pleasure compared to the painting. The painting needs a cleaning first – clean the old paint, primer (i made a mistake that i cleaned the original primer), rust… This gets dust that i breath more or less (i use a respirator, but anyway the dust is everywhere).

I will restart the painting. My father (God give him your Kingdom of Heaven) said “the person who is weak in the head, is strong in their hands and feet”. This is me. I am an idiot! I looked at the weather forecast to know when the temperature will be good for painting instead of educating myself about the painting.

The result of my under-body painting is… shit! And the only one i can blame is myself. Maybe the material i used are good, but the result is… Let me show you.

First, the paint that i used needs a catalyst that i didn’t use. Now i will mix it and spray it (not brush it) and i hope that the paint will be OK.

Second, i scratched the painted parts with the grinder and a metal brush and it fell by itself.

You can see a white dust (the primer) that was spread when i scratched.

The seam sealer is easy to clean.

The white dust (the primer) can be seen well here.

I will continue with PPG primer. I will de-grease with MX190 and will spray epoxy primer, catalyst and solvent.

I learn the hard way, but this is not important. The most important is…

Christ is Risen!

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