Ready for Welding (Almost)

Ready for Welding (Almost)

The Right Side

Today i made the final cuts on the right side.

Next to the rear right wheel.
This cavity (and all the other ones) will be rustproofed. The formula is still in process of invention – hot mix of used motor oil + grease + candles + toilet wax… )
It looked fine, but when i hit with the chisel, i found out that it is rusty. The sheet steel that i bought is 1.2 mm, so the result will be good.
This little pin needs to be transferred to the new piece on the same location. It holds the front carpet.
Right door – front.
One patch is needed here.
Right door – back.

Shock Absorbers

Left shock dome – bottom.
The magnets from Canadian Tire are the same quality as the ones from Dollarama 🙂
Left shock dome – top.
The last cut – the right shock dome.

What is Next

Next i need to buy a MIG welder and let the fun start.

God bless our deeds.

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