Preparation for Paint – The Metal Body

Preparation for Paint – The Metal Body

I continue with paint stripping of the metal part of the body. The under-body i stripped to bare metal, but then i realize that i am stupid – the original primer is very good. This is why i strip the rest to primer.

Paint Stripping

Front left outside.
Engine compartment.
Front right outside.

Under the dashboard i will continue manually with sandpaper.

Back left inside.

Around the back wheels there will be a lot of hand sanding.

Above the back door i will rustproof with Eastwood Internal Frame Coating.

Some spots will be just scratched with sandpaper.

What is Next

Doors. I bought M5 x 18 mm Flat Countersunk Head Screw Bolt for the door handles and they fit perfectly.

Metal brush + grinder; 2K epoxy primer; body filler; preparation for painting; primer where needed; painting.

I will sandblast everything on the suspension, the sub-frame for the engine and the gear box and “here and there” on the body.

Buy New Parts

I looked at the shock absorbers before and i taught they are OK, but they are not. I recently ordered from TrabantWelt.DE, but now i have to order once again. It’s OK, this is neither the first nor the last error in my life.

Just for the statistics: i taught that the welding will be the worst part of this project, but i was wrong. The paint and rust stripping is.

Not related to something that happens. Just came in my head.

God Bless us all.

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