Welding is Over

Welding is Over

The Roof

I finished the welding. The last area was the roof, i.e. under the roof.

As it was originally lap welded, i decided that this is a nest of rust and i cut it all.

This is what i did instead:

Right Back
Right Middle
Right Front

The right side above the windshield was good and i left it as is.

Right Windshield

The left half above the windshield was rotten and i rebuilt it. i didn’t expect that the debris are good enough for welding, but i was wrong.

Left Windshield
Left Windshield
Left Back
Left Middle
Left Front

There was a little hole between the left door and window.

Left Between door and window

The Windshield

Left Bottom Windshield

The Video

I am not the only one who is doing something with the Trabant in Montreal. One of us, the Trabanters in Montreal, is a great fan of U2. Actually this is the reason he bought 3 Trabants (2 for him and 1 for his son. And i told him that his diagnose is heavier than mine :-)). He has shot some videos for a local tribute U2 band.

Glorious is the name of Christ, before the time, now and forever.

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