I Almost Have a Car

I Almost Have a Car

I welded the front grill. I spent more time on adjusting than welding. The result is good.

My procedure:

  • Join the grill to the 3 pieces (left, under, right bared metal on the image) and weld them
  • Join all this to the front of the car
  • Use the front quarter panels to adjust the height (the holes for the blinkers) and the top of the front lights
  • Put the hood at the top and adjust all the slots
  • Weld

The rear base for the light panel was rusty. I patched it and i didn’t shape the curve. It is too small and the polyurethane will compensate the gap.

The right side is patched too.

Little more in the corner is needed here.

Front right light is connected. A little piece of sheet metal is needed right in the corner. This will be grinded with the Dremel.

I spitted the left side of the front light.

I didn’t perforate the base of the vertical panel. It’s OK, because it carries nothing.

The left side under the quarter panel. The holes i drilled “on blind” will stay for draining.

In the Glory of God i don’t want to hit the car. In such a case i have no idea how i will replace these parts.

If a professional sees my work, he will laugh a lot 🙂

The join right next to the hole for additional light is grinded. I will add a little body filler here (between the primer and the paint)

I was so excited to weld everything and i missed this little piece under the front left quarter panel. It would be easier if i prepared and welded this patch together with the big one.

The patch next to the left foot of the driver needs few more drops from the inside.

I will add few more spots here and then primer, paint and seam sealer.

Rear left patch. It is little wider, but i won’t cut it. This way it will hold the quarter panel better 🙂

This little bend is under the back door. I will weld a piece of metal (an ex bolt) and i will hit it towards outside. I prefer to use as minimum body filler as possible.

I cut the bend under the back bumper and i straighten it. After this i welded and grinded. A little body filler will be added here. Most likely the cut was not needed, because i welded an ex bolt and pulled it outward.

The right rear base for the light panel was wavy. There was a light hit here. Also a rusty piece was replaced.

I will add more spots under the right quarter panel and i will continue as described above.

The same situation under the front right rocker panel. I will suffer more, because my brain possibilities are not strong enough 🙂

There will be a little patch on the down end of the right door.

Слава Тебе, Господи, Слава Тебе.


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