Front speakers

Front speakers

Cassette Tape Player

My 2-stroke Trabant is in a container together with two other 1.1s. While i am waiting the arrive in Montreal i bought a vintage stereo:



Until then i decided to start building the front speakers. I bought these old BMW speakers from a local flea market:


The small ones are 5″ for the front speakers and the big ones are 6.5 ” for the rear speakers. They all need tweeters. i ordered these from eBay:

I hope they will play well 🙂


Than i found a few laminate flooring pieces and i cut the boxes:

The dimensions are 150 mm x 250 mm x 100 mm.

The plan of the boxes:

I hope they will sound well, but as my father said (i drove the car and he was my passenger. I said “there is a vibration while i press the brakes”. He answered “what do you expect? This is a Trabant!”)… This is a Trabant! So, we have to be happy with the sound (good or bad) of these front speakers. In our heads the Trabant was something not very good, but now, 25 years later i bought one and import it in Montreal, Canada. Misterious are the God’s ways.

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