Paint Stripping Under-body

Paint Stripping Under-body

Paint Stripping

I continue the paint stripping of the under-body of the car. I use a saw of electric cutting machine (see the end of this post) to remove the top layer of the factory conservation without a heat, i.e., i am scratching it out. The tracks are visible.

These little pieces of plastic and paint fly everywhere during the scratching, so the goggles are a must.

The poly disk is needed here. The sandblasting gun will come after for the inner side of the arch.

The tracks of the main tool (a chisel, made from a blade of electric cutting machine) are visible here. The 4 welding spots for the side reinforcement too.

I can’t clean here without blasting.

While removing the factory conservation, a rusty hole appeared on the front crossbeam.

The Paint Stripping Arsenal

And this is the arsenal. The main tool is in the middle – a chisel, made from a blade of an electric cutting machine (the next 2 pictures). I used the same tool for my other Trabants in the 1990s. The rest (metal brushes and poly disks) is for cleaning the factory primer. I am not sure that the epoxy primer that i will spray will be better than this one, but secretly i hope that i am wrong.

The respirator is a must when using the poly strip disk or the metal brush. A dust of the cut material is flying in the air. We shouldn’t breathe this dust.
The goggles are necessary when removing the top conservation layer without a heat gun. A small pieces are flying in all the directions.

The next steps are:

  • Sandblasting. Actually buy a compressor and blasting media (i think it will be crushed glass) first
  • Spray an epoxy primer
  • Sealing everything
  • Paint brush an urethane paint
  • Paint rubber paint (maybe)

The second most important holiday is coming – the birth of Christ (January 7th).

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