Hello world!

Hello world!

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Me and my Trabant

echo “Hello World”;

As you can see from my personal blog/website or whatever it is, i am a database developer/architect/conceptionalist or whatever it is. This doesn’t disturb me to love the East German legend.

This is the last picture before the big meeting of my hand tools and the paper.


My T-Shirt is “Something needs to be done” and on the back is the cover of Megadeth‘s “United Abomination” album. The song is:

In the glory of God i hope to be on the road with the Gletscherblau Universal (the one on the picture) next summer.


Terrific work on the Trabi!!
I have an 86 Kombi, not far from you, but just over the “invisible line” in NY.
When you’re done, this will be one of the nicest Trabants in N America.

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