Remove braking pads

Remove braking pads

Today i removed the braking pads. The brakes were almost blocked. Now i can push/pull it in the garage to make the right side accessible. I have 2 spots in a common garage and i park my other car on the left spot.

I didn’t take pictures, because i was greasy until my elbows and i will use the TrabantWelt.DE pictures for explanation.

These guys were missing on all the wheels 🙂

The brake adjusters were missing on the front wheels. I found them all in a turning light shell on the shelf inside the car and i thought that they were replaced. No, they were removed 🙂

These guys were missing on the front wheels. They are missing on the back wheels by default.

My 3-years old son “helped me”. He said at the end “This (Trabant) is my car and this (Toyota Corolla) is yours”. I said “No! This (Trabant) is mine!” and he said “No! This (Toyota Corolla) is yours!”. He is not stupid 🙂

Our Father Hallowed be Thy Name.

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