Engine Start

Engine Start

The Engine

Today i started the engine. It sounds very good. The mileage looks real – 31,696 km.

I just wanted to know the condition of the engine before disassemble everything, because at this point i will order parts. The parts of the engine also have to be in the list.

For the gearbox i will buy a “star” for the freewill. I am pretty sure that nothing more will be needed.

The Background Noise

It comes from this hooligan


He was born in Canada and never heard this noise. Probably it scared him a little.

Under the Front Left Quarter Panel

The quarter wheel shell will not be replaced.

There was a light hit here. Behind the turning light is bent.

The upper part is fine.

Surprisingly the quarter wheel shell is OK

The ugly truth

Here starts the misery.

What Left

What left outside.
And inside.

God have Mercy.

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