The Trabant arrived in Montreal

The Trabant arrived in Montreal

Today the cars arrived in Montreal. We had three Trabants in one container – mine and two other 1.1.

The supporting planks were nailed to the floor, which is made of very hard material. We sweated until we released them, but after one hour and 10 minutes they all were out.

When i saw the duck tape i thought that the back door lock is broken, but it works properly.

The condition of the car is not as good as i expected, but i don’t complain, i’ll fix everything. Probably this is even better: i’ll work more – i’ll learn more. I bought it at the end of April and i didn’t expect it to be here before next year. You never know. Today was the end of the beginning? This is actually the beginning. Tomorrow i’ll start disassembling it and make the checklist of the needed parts.

Thank God for everything.

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